bigfoot slippers
shoe in slipper
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When you need Bigfoot Slippers:
Durable Heavy Duty Reusable Non-Slip Boot and Shoe-in-Slipper. Designed to Quickly Slip on and off. Protects All Floor Surfaces... Such as Tile, Hardwood, Laminate, Marble, Vinyl Tile, Etc..
shoes for work
"Bigfoot also called"...
  • 1. Pushovers (how they work)
  • 2. Nagstoppers (for her)
  • 3. Slopslippers (for him)
  • 4. Mobilemats (for visitors)
  • 5. Rinkers (footwarmers while watching the kids at the skating arena)
bigfoot slipppers
protective slippers
Ideal for: Home, Business, School, Hospitality, Housekeeping, Construction and Maintenance.
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