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Bigfoot of Maine



“When you're working in the yard, you wear boots. Chances are those boots are dirty. Chances are, at some point during the work, you'll want to come inside the house for one reason or another. And chances are, you won't want to remove your dirty boots because it's a chore to have to put them back on again. Chances are, the wife will get mad. And chances are, you'd rather not have that. So instead of leaving everything to chance, just put on these BIGFOOT PUSHOVERS over your boots and do whatever you want inside without getting dirt anywhere in the joint.”

Bigfoot Slippers

"the original"
made in the USA
Since 1998
Over 5,001 Marriages SAVED

Ideal for: Home, Business, School, Hospitality, Housekeeping, Gardeners, Construction and Maintenance.

How OVER BOOT SLIPPERS solved the problem 

OVER BOOT SLIPPERS are worn over boots and shoes. They are specially designed to easily slip on over boots, allowing the wearer to keep their house clean with their shoes still on. The pop-up heel design ensures that the slippers stay securely on their feet. Removing shoes repeatedly is frustrating and this is where BIGFOOT SLIPPERS come to the rescue. They prevent the need of removing shoes without worrying about your indoor spaces from getting dirty.

Magic flip heal slipper

"Mike's Magic Flip Up Heel" (The Original Design)

  • Regular Short Term Use:

Just Push Your Shoe/Boot into Bigfoot Shoe-In Slipper

and Push Off Over the Floor (Skate Away)..

  • Longer Term Use:

Flip Up the Round Heel Piece (under rubber surface) and It will form a Heel..Step into Bigfoot Shoe-In Slipper.

BIGFOOT SLIPPERS are available for men, women, and children.

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