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Feedback from Some Happy Happy Customers


“The Bigfoot Slippers arrived just as tropical storm Allison came through our city and the whole area was full of mud. They prevented me from slipping on my kitchen floor. I didnt have to clean up after coming into the house." Christine Gentile, Sunset Beach, NC.


“When I come in the door, the shoes are easy to slip on over my wet, muddy shoes. They also work great as foot warmers and are machine washable." Mrs. E. J. Hartley, Baton Rouge, LA


“Bigfoot sounds like the perfect solution for the work boots with those amazing soles! Have a great holiday… you just made mine a little better!” S. Vogel


From a Happy Customer:

"Love, love, love! I have two pairs for my husband and son, and am ordering 4 more pairs today, they are a lifesaver (literally!) keeps the snow, and mud off my floors (when they remember to wear them!)"..

Beth Frechette

When you need Bigfoot Shoe-In Slippers: 

"I am the purchasing manager for a day care company and we love using these Shoe In Slippers. Our parents use them when entering classrooms, which keeps our floors clean and safe for children to crawl and play on. They are easy to put on and take off. And best of all, they are Durable. We are and will remain happy and satisfied customers."                                                                                                                    C Edwards at Educational Playcare

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